It was a rough first season for Ted Lasso as head coach of Tottenham Hotspur. When Andre Villas-Boas was fired in December just halfway through his second season with the club, Lasso took charge of the team and, despite posting the best win percentage of any manager in the club’s history, the fans never warmed to him. Mostly because he wore a child’s puffy vest with a club logo on it while he managed games, but also for the fact that he could never grasp the game’s most basic fundamentals. For example, what is a “defensive midfielder.” It was old-school 4-4-2 for Lasso all day long, and you couldn’t tell him any different.

Lasso was fired by Tottenham in May. But don’t worry, you’ll not have to go through the upcoming season without the league’s biggest clown of a coach giving you cause to laugh and shake your head in disbelief, all at the same time, on a weekly basis. That’s because Lasso is back with a new gig in the Premier League this season — working for NBCSN as one of the network’s top analysts.


Here is Ted today and what he has been up to.

Here was Ted last year as he tells about his short stay as Hotspurs manager.

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