Launching Successful Web Enhancements

Testing is such an important part of bringing your Web Enhancements to production. It should not be overlooked. This article “15 essential checks before launching your Web site” provides a good high level overview of concepts to think about covering during requirements as well as testing. The article also has some good Web links scattered through out. Smashing magazine is a pretty robust site concentrating on Web development news and all things geeky.

Be A Hero...

Project Managers vs Business Analysts for web development

Process on my mind as of late including the structure and methodology of successful endevors.  So many companies have so many names for roles that serve as the basics to rolling out web development projects. The challenge of driving the business analysis, functional requirements, design prototypes, use cases, testing, rollout, and metrics for web projects is challenging. But what about the project manager role? This role takes time and effort as well. Managment of big groups takes real effort dedicated to planning, regular daily touchbase, meeting organization, documenation, status reports, timeline progress, communications, issues lists, process and connections.

So the question is, Can there be a role that effectively play the full role of business analyst and project manager  role for projects? Maybe not effectively… but adoption of Agile techniques might help. I was searching for some Agile Project Manager role info and ran across this collection of papers at Dr. Dobbs with some good things to think about. “8 must read papers for Project Managers”