CES kicks off!

The consumer electronics show kicks off in Vegas today with a key note from Microsoft and an plethora of gadgets, tablets, smartphones, 3D TV’s and gaming systems. Access CNET CES site for the best coverage of the event with live video feeds from select exhibits and keynotes.

One of the many gadgets on show at CES is the RIM playbook the much anticipated tablet by Research in Motion. The front of the PlayBook includes a 7-inch capacitive touch screen, a stereo pair of speakers on the right and left bezel, and a front-facing 3MP camera capable of recording 1080p video. Interestingly, the touch control extends beyond the screen into the surrounding frame, allowing for swipe gestures that begin “off the page” such as pulling up the lower left corner to reveal a keyboard. Research in Motion Ltd. is joining with Sprint Nextel Corp. to enter the increasingly crowded tablet computing market. RIM’s Playbook tablet computer will run on Sprint’s fast wireless 4G technology.

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RIM playbook sitting on top an Ipad at CES 2011

Samsung Galaxy Tab Review

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab proved to be the product of IFA and CTIA 2010, and has seldom left the headlines since its debut. Seven inches of Android slate, it promises to be the open alternative to Apple’s iPad and the poster-child for Google’s OS done right on a bigger display. It seems about half the size of the ipad but feels really nice holding in your hand, similar to a new amazon kindle feels. Go Android. Sprint will be getting the Galaxy Tab very soon. Check out the Sprint site for pricing and information.

Does size matter?... I'm thinking yes

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