homeade burble

I took down our christmas lights last weekend. Well kind of….I took some of the colored lights and put them in our mega bush outside our front window. Form of a homeade burble. Now the kids get mad if the burble is not turned on. Ha. I just love saying that word.

homeade burble - little brother of phish's interactive light display

Finally a snow storm, brrr…

It’s snowing!  Finally a snow storm in Kansas City.  If it’s going to be cold, then it might as well snow here in Kansas/Missouri.  Last night we got a few inches and I’m trying to decide if I should shovel the driveway or not.  Forecast shows its going to be 65 on Tuesday so I guess I will not bother.  Scout is enjoying the snow today, check him out.

Scout sticking his tounge out at me.

Scout sticking his tounge out at me.