awesome time lapse videos

I love watching time lapse videos. They allow you to see and feel a overall sense of the world at a different angle. There is a particularly awesome video of this years Cochella music festival. See the amazing tilt-shift time-lapse video capturing the action at this year. Check some of the other related videos on Bing. Be sure to check out the Tahoe time lapse that shows off the milkyway in all its glory.

Cochella from a different angle.

The Milkyway moves across Lake Tahoe at night.

Phish festival 8 – day 3

Third day at the festival. Got up early and spent several hours sitting at the camp site soaking up the California rays and listening to the Bunny radio (special radio station set up for the fest.) Phish did an acoustic set at noon “Broad Daylight” and finished the weekend with a double set blowout at night wrapping up with tweezer reprise – of course. Conners and I partied it up with some camp buddies – Tim and Ryan from San Diego. Pretty amazing event, so much fun I couldn’t believe it ! Do I have to go back to reality?


Phish crowd gathers for the last three sets.


90 degree Phish


Sunset in Coachella - gonna miss this view.


Festival 8 marker


Phi8h final night set from way back.


Heading into the final show.


Looking back at the trippy scene with the wheel, the burble and a laser dude.


The oil rigs were blasting to the notes. So cool.


The burble in all its glory.

Set I – Afternoon Acoustic Set:
Water in the Sky, Back On The Train, Brian & Robert, Invisible, Strange Design, Mountains in the Mist, The Curtain With, Army of One, Sleep Again, My Sweet One, Let Me Lie, Bouncin’ Around the Room, Train Song, Wilson, McGrupp

Driver, Talk, Secret Smile

Set II:
AC/DC Bag, Rift, Gotta Jiboo, Heavy Things, Reba, The Wedge, Guelah Papyrus, Undermind, Sparkle, Split Open and Melt

Set III:
Tweezer > Maze, Free, Sugar Shack, Limb by Limb, Theme from the Bottom, Mike’s Song ; 2001 ; Light ; ambient jam ; Slave to the Traffic Light

Grind, Esther, Tweezer Reprise