spring break road trip

Ok, so not quite like the South Padre trips we took in the 90’s. But, this trip will be fun nonetheless. The Cribb clan are headed to Memphis to visit Graceland then on to sweet New Orleans. Set up for the week at the W! The kids are pumped about voodoo gators and shrimp the size of small dogs. Ha. Are we there yet?

The Cribb Roadtrip - spring break 2012

St Patricks Day at the Arch

Took the family to St. Louis for a few days on St. Patricks day. Go Saints! Stayed downtown , drank some irish ale and visted the Arch. Had a great time hanging out on a Spring Break roadtrip.

The Arch on March 17, 2010

The boys made it to the arch!

Todd and Laura - picture credit to Skyler

Grand Teton National Park

We stayed on Jackson Lake in Grand Teton National Park as home base for the week. We got to wake up to the awesome teton mountains right on the lake and spend one full day wandering around the park checking out nature on the trails and lakes. Very peaceful environment.

The Cribb's in the Grand Teton National Park

Saw this cool owl chilling on the trails.

The boys throwing rocks at Jackson Lake.

Yellowstone Trip

Just got back from a full on Yellowstone Trip. Extremely beautiful and exciting sights all around us for the week. Finally got to dance on the volcano. Here are a few selected shots of the Trip. Drove over 2000 miles and took over 2000 photos.

Grand Tetons in our back yard.

Bear Encounter!

Gran Parismatic Spring