Best Monday ever!

Kids had school off today so I stayed at home with them. We had monday morning movie day, which is a brand new thing. Took off and spent the afternoon in the park throwing the frisbee and kicking the ball around. Not one meeting today. Whew.

The boys fall 2011 at Franklin park.

Todd and Laura at the park



sporting kc game

Took the family to the Sporting KC game vs. Union , must not lose game to get into the playoffs. Had a great tailgate with the blue moose club and drank moose drool beer, which I had not had since yellowstone trip. So good.

sun setting before we went in.

Kamara going in for the header.

Boys getting their photo with Harrington after the game.

Camp Cribb

Working on week four of the powerwashing and staining the deck project this weekend. Took a break from work and set up the tent Saturday night for some good old fashion fall camping in the backyard. Great fun. Here is a picture of the super hero lineup at Camp Cribb.

Thor and Captain America are ready to camp.

Cribb Estate at the Lake of the Ozarks

How random is this. I was looking online for images across the web that have cribb in the name for some trademark work I am doing. I ran across this site pimping a huge home build at the Lake in Camdenton, MO. Not sure if the people running this are relatives or in the blood line or not. I’m ready to move down there, looks like its finished. Check out their Web site at

This place is bad ass