the social network (facebook)

The big news in January was that facebook was reporting that they had hit the 500 million active user market. That’s alot of customers…but not enough for this popular online experience. Where is the other 90% of the worlds population? So, where have these 6 billion-plus people been hiding? Don’t they know about Facebook? Do they know it’s available in almost seventy languages? Well, it seems the answer lies in the bigger technological picture which is who has access to the Internet.

where the users are - facebook generation

awesome time lapse videos

I love watching time lapse videos. They allow you to see and feel a overall sense of the world at a different angle. There is a particularly awesome video of this years Cochella music festival. See the amazing tilt-shift time-lapse video capturing the action at this year. Check some of the other related videos on Bing. Be sure to check out the Tahoe time lapse that shows off the milkyway in all its glory.

Cochella from a different angle.

The Milkyway moves across Lake Tahoe at night.

innovations over time

What’s the difference between a good idea and a great one? While the secrets to success vary, it’s become very clear that even the smartest ideas require the right infrastructure and technology to enable them. Here are some of the game-changing innovations that shaped the course of life and business in the 20th and 21st centuries. Read the full story.

Alexander Graham Bell and his new telephone