Best Monday ever!

Kids had school off today so I stayed at home with them. We had monday morning movie day, which is a brand new thing. Took off and spent the afternoon in the park throwing the frisbee and kicking the ball around. Not one meeting today. Whew.

The boys fall 2011 at Franklin park.

Todd and Laura at the park



Kicking off the holidays

Heading into the fourth of july weekend the boys have leaped forward with some awesome feats. Skyler got brave enough to jump off the high dive and Wesley ripped off his training wheels and powered through bike riding at four.

Not afraid.

Not Afraid.

Snowball Fight!

They boys and I had a snowball fight yesterday out in the snow. We got dumped on over the holiday break and what a better way to start the new year than a snowball fight.

Wes ready for launch.

Skyler showing off his skills with a snowball.

Wes could not be happier.

Scout getting in on the snow action.

Thunder Snow

First Snowman at our Leawood home.

First Snowman at our Leawood home.

Well, here in the Midwest you’re never sure what the weather going to do. This weekend we had a round of Thunder Snow move through the area. Starting as rain, then sleet, then snow. We got about 6-8 inches of snow in Leawood on Saturday and we spend several hours this morning messing around outside. The snow was wet and thick which was perfect for snowball fights and building a snowman. Forecast for Tuesday is 60 and sunny. Here is the creation of our first snowman at our Leawood Home.

Can’t we all just get along?

The boys are struggeling with a how to get along these days.  Thank god it’s spring time in the midwest so we can push them outside and they have more room to spread out.  This picture was taken last week when we were messing around outside and there was a formal agreement to get along. It was even was sealed with a handshake.  That lasted for about 8 minutes…

Handshake agreement to get along - captured via still photography

Handshake agreement to get along - captured via still photography