spring break road trip

Ok, so not quite like the South Padre trips we took in the 90’s. But, this trip will be fun nonetheless. The Cribb clan are headed to Memphis to visit Graceland then on to sweet New Orleans. Set up for the week at the W! The kids are pumped about voodoo gators and shrimp the size of small dogs. Ha. Are we there yet?

The Cribb Roadtrip - spring break 2012

fathers day

I spent last Sunday around the house chilling with my family and went up north to pay my respects to my old man. The kids got me a mizzou royals hat. Thanks laura and craigslist.

Father and Son

dad's life

boys night out

Took the boys down to sprint center the other night to see the harlem globetrotters. We are keeping busy this winter as the cold continues to drag on. Here is a shot of us bundled up outside sprint center before heading back to the hummer in 10 degrees.

Cold winter night in Downtown KC.

Snow Daze

Another snow day here in the Midwest means Todd on confernce calls while the kids beat each other up and watch TV all day. Laura took the boys to Suicide hill for some much needed sledding.

Cribb boys on the hill!