Ted Lasso is back

It was a rough first season for Ted Lasso as head coach of Tottenham Hotspur. When Andre Villas-Boas was fired in December just halfway through his second season with the club, Lasso took charge of the team and, despite posting the best win percentage of any manager in the club’s history, the fans never warmed to him. Mostly because he wore a child’s puffy vest with a club logo on it while he managed games, but also for the fact that he could never grasp the game’s most basic fundamentals. For example, what is a “defensive midfielder.” It was old-school 4-4-2 for Lasso all day long, and you couldn’t tell him any different.

Lasso was fired by Tottenham in May. But don’t worry, you’ll not have to go through the upcoming season without the league’s biggest clown of a coach giving you cause to laugh and shake your head in disbelief, all at the same time, on a weekly basis. That’s because Lasso is back with a new gig in the Premier League this season — working for NBCSN as one of the network’s top analysts.


Here is Ted today and what he has been up to.

Here was Ted last year as he tells about his short stay as Hotspurs manager.

Scout Cribb – RIP 11/06/2010

Sad Day for the Cribb’s. Our beloved dog Scout passed away today after 14 years hanging out with the Cribb Clan. Scout has been my best friend for a long time and I will miss him dearly. Scout was an avid frisbee dog in his younger years. He enjoyed riding in my trucks and was extremely good with the kids and other dogs. He won “fastest tail wagger in Kansas City” back in 2002 at a plaza event. Scout was a purebreed Yellow Lab and a great non barking friendly dog. Scout spent a year in the northland with his grandparents when he was young but live most his life in Brookside/Waldo area and spent his last few retirement years on old Leawood. I used to always say to him, “Good Boy Scout.” I will really miss saying that…

Scout - Fall 2010

Scout still playing frisbee at 14 years old

Scout digging the snow last winter.

Scout at his new retirement home in old leawood 2008

Scout posing with Wesley in 2008

Scout - Going for a ride back in 2003.

Scout would catch any frisbee thrown anywhere anytime - circa 2002

Scout had a girlfriend for a long time, here he is with Hunny...2001

Scout after winning the fastest tail wagger content at the plaza in 2000

Scout back in 1999 on his 3rd birthday.

MU Homecoming 2010

Oh man, 24 hours in good ole Columbia. CJ’s / Shakespear’s / Harpos / Old Heidelberg / Faurot Field / Greek Town / Campus / Bud Van…Conner and I stepped up to party college style to see the Tigers defeat the Sooner at homecoming game last weekend. Good times. Good to see Huber , Coyle, and Downtown Ando Brown.

20 years later...bud van is still here...

Undefeated Tiger tromp OU at homecoming 2010

Made it to 40!

Along time coming… Celebrated a birthday this week as I turned 40. Family all came down to party it up cribb birthday style. Thank you all for sharing and caring. I received some wonderful gifts and I’m now jamming my ipod select list through the hummer stereo with my new oakley oilcans on. I am ready for summer, a bit early.

Ice cream cake with chocolate chip and a big 4 0

The rents and I celebrating being old.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

What a fabulous 80’s degree day here in the Midwest.  I had off work for Skyler’s spring break so… actually a sprint break.  We headed down to the parade and met up later with Grandma Sharon on the Plaza for some bbq and a couple of pints.  We were laying in the sun just chilling to some sweet tunes on the deck later in the afternoon.  Top ten best days in 2009.

Skyler and I out on the plaza on St. Patricks Day.

Skyler and I out on the plaza on St. Patricks Day.