Essential Android Apps

New to android phone or looking for some premium apps? Check out this list of the best of the best Android Apps to download and use with your Android phone. The top list is derived from Android Experience using a Hero and Evo on Sprint network. The other two lists have been published by CIO/PC World in their app reasearch for the most useful Android Apps.

Mobile Cribb top Android Apps
Qik – face to face video chat
Barcode Scanner
Color Note
Opera Browser
Google Maps
Google Earth
FM Radio
Gas Buddy
Google Goggles
Google Sky maps
Google Maps
Pandora radio
Slacker radio
Retro Camera
Scanner Radio
Ski Report
Tip Calculator
Last FM radio
Advanced Task Killer

Photoshop Express – photo editor

CIO / PC World Top 22 list
Thinking space – brainstorming app
Astro File Manager – utility app
Gtasks – task app with google task sync
AndroZip file manager
Handcent SMS – texting app
Toddler Lock – baby entertainment app
Gesture Search – quick search app
WiFi Analyzer – graphic wifi decoder app
Missed Call – call personalizer app
AntiDroid Theft – stolen or lost device app
Color Flashlight – utility app
Skyfire Browser – mobile browser with flash app
Dolphin Browser – browser app
Bookmarklet – favorites plug in app
Digital Recipe Sidekick – food app
Barcode Scanner – shopping app
Convert Me – utility app
Smart Measure – distance app
Spirit Level Plus – tool app
BeyondPod – entertainment app
Listen – podcast manager app
Picasa Tool Pro – photo app

CIO/PC World Top Business Android App’s

Locale – device management app
Documents to go – mobile office documents app
GDocs – mobile google docs management app
Bump – contacts management app
Google Voice – phone management google app
AK Notepad – task utility app
Meebo – social media app
ServerUp – network admin tool app
Scatterslides – presentation tool app
Cab4Me – transportation app
Seesmic – social app
Twidroid – social app
Evernote – task app
Hoccer – mobile sharing app

Wave Secure

Samsung Galaxy Tab Review

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab proved to be the product of IFA and CTIA 2010, and has seldom left the headlines since its debut. Seven inches of Android slate, it promises to be the open alternative to Apple’s iPad and the poster-child for Google’s OS done right on a bigger display. It seems about half the size of the ipad but feels really nice holding in your hand, similar to a new amazon kindle feels. Go Android. Sprint will be getting the Galaxy Tab very soon. Check out the Sprint site for pricing and information.

Does size matter?... I'm thinking yes

Read the full tab review on slash gear

saving battery life on your Android phone

With today’s smartphones able to do so many things from making/taking phone calls, to watching streaming videos, listening to music, sending/receiving text messages, and downloading tons of apps, addressing the issue of battery life is very important. Two of the hottest new Android phones, the HTC EVO 4G and the HTC Droid Incredible, have amazing specifications. Both have a zippy 1GHz Snapdragon processor under the hood, the latter has a 3.7 inch AMOLED display to keep bright while the former has a massive 4.3 inch TFT screen that must stay visible. Many owners of the two devices have been complaining that they have had to recharge in the middle of the day to make sure that their handset has enough juice for the night time. So what can the owner of either phone do to keep enough juice in the battery to keep the unit going strong throughout the day? Right off the bat, you will notice that extending the battery life on your Android device means giving up some of the things that make using the phone fun and you will have to make the decision-do you want a fun phone with a dead battery, or do you want a phone a little more staid, but with power to work.

One of the things you can do is to eliminate the HTC widgets like Friendstream and bookmarks. At the same time, turning off widget animation can save power. Instead of using those cool, living wallpapers on your phone, switch to a plain picture from your gallery. One of the biggest hogs of power on Android phones is the display. Turning off the automatic brightness and setting it at 10% should save you a ton of battery life. In the same vein, it is suggested that the screen timeout be set at 15 seconds. If you don’t need Wi-Fi, 4G or GPS while you are just walking around with the phone, turning those functions off when you aren’t using them will save plenty of juice for the power cell. If you download apps, installing Advanced Task Killer is a must. Leaving apps on in the background after you are done with them is also a major power drainer on Android phones. ATK is necessary to turn off certain apps like the camera. Keep your Android a lean mean machine by cutting the bloat and killing off your apps often. Trying as many of these ideas as possible could be the difference between having enough power to enjoy your phone when you’re out and about during the evening, or having a nice looking paperweight in your pants pocket all night.

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Business leaning more toward Android devices

Network world ran a web article recently power packed full of information that they obtained from Change Wave. The research is from a new study they have been doing on company telecom buying patterns. Companies are increasingly spending their smartphone dollars on Google Android devices, at least in part at the expense of RIM BlackBerry devices, according to their latest research numbers. Read the full article.